Travel Advisories

Travel Disruption Categories


Pacific Coastal Airlines will keep passengers regularly informed if there is a flight disruption and will provide passengers with flight status updates every 30 minutes until a new departure time has been set. The information will be given as soon as possible and will include the nature of the disruption. Information will be provided through the following means:

  • An audible announcement in the airport;
  • Website Flight Status display;
  • Flight information display screens in airports where applicable; and
  • Preferred method of communication within the existing options provided by Pacific Coastal Airlines for passengers with disabilities.

Types of Travel Disruptions

It is important for passengers to understand the three types of travel disruptions. The category of flight disruption will determine how your reservation is handled and what relief you are entitled to under the Air Passenger Protection Regulations. Selecting the travel disruption category will provide you with the information to what you can expect during a disruption to your journey with us.

The three travel disruption categories are:

1. Uncontrollable events

Uncontrollable events are situations Pacific Coastal Airlines does not have control over, some examples are:

  • Medical emergencies;
  • Weather conditions that, make it impossible to safely operate the aircraft;
  • Accidents involving the aircraft, such as collisions (e.g., with a bird, a drone, etc.);
  • Natural disasters;
  • Airport operational issues; and
  • Instructions from air traffic control

 2. Controllable, but required for safety

Situations within Pacific Coastal Airlines control but required for safety purposes are those required by law to reduce risk to passengers’ safety.

  • Unexpected aircraft malfunctions not identified in routine maintenance that may compromise safety;
  • Decisions the airline makes based on its Safety Management System; and
  • Safety-related decisions pilots in command of an aircraft make at their discretion

3. Controllable events

Controllable events are those that cannot be shown to fall into the other two categories. These may stem from commercial and operational decisions Pacific Coastal Airlines makes in its day-to-day operations, such as:

  • Intentional overselling flights;
  • Consolidating or cancelling flights with low passenger demand;
  • Similar actions aimed at maximizing revenue;
  • Crew/staffing issues over which Pacific Coastal Airlines has reasonable control;
  • Flight preparation activities like aircraft cleaning, baggage loading, and aircraft fueling;
  • Routine or scheduled maintenance, including any subsequent repairs or required activities; and
  • Scheduling and availability of staff and flight crew.

Some examples of travel disruption are:

Flight Delays & Cancellations
Tarmac Delays
Flight Diversions
Denied Boarding