Travel Advisories

Tarmac Delays

Although rare, it is possible that a Pacific Coastal Airlines flight could encounter an extended tarmac delay due to weather conditions, air traffic control restrictions, gate availability, mechanical problems, or other uncontrollable circumstances that result in ground delays.

Should a flight experience a tarmac delay our flight crew will provide you with status updates every 30 minutes as new information is made available about the ground delay. If permitted safe to do so by flight crew we will do our best to allow passengers to communicate with people outside of the plane (using their own personal electronic device), provide access to lavatories*, food and drink*, and proper ventilation for heating or cooling if feasible.

Should a tarmac delay extend beyond 3 hours we will provide the option for passengers to disembark from the aircraft, permitted that we can safely facilitate.

*Note: only our Saab aircraft have onboard lavatories and food and drink.