Travel Advisories


Service Dogs

If travelling with a service dog, please complete and submit this form a minimum of 72 hours prior to your flight, for approval and processing.  This allows us enough time to review the form, pose any follow-up questions if required, and arrange appropriate seating for you and your service dog.

Please note that children travelling with their service dog are not eligible to travel under the Unaccompanied Minor Program. Click here for more information on Unaccompanied Minor travel.


Mobility Aids

Pacific Coastal Airlines welcomes customers who use a wheelchair or request that we provide mobility assistance for departure and upon arrival at the destination airport. Please contact us in advance, at 1.800.663.2872, to help determine the most appropriate service for you.

Each customer is welcome to bring one wheelchair, cane, walker, or other mobility aid at no additional charge.


Motorized/Battery Wheelchairs

Pacific Coastal Airlines accepts mobility aids that are powered by dry cell (sealed gel-cell) batteries. Due to the smaller dimensions of our aircrafts, we may need to reserve extra space for motorized wheelchairs. We suggest customers advise us when traveling with motorized wheelchairs as early as possible (at minimum 48 hours in advance) so we may reserve/confirm space.


Medical Oxygen

Pacific Coastal Airlines accepts medical oxygen on board our aircraft subject to conditions. For details of these conditions, please refer to our Carry-on baggage program. Passengers who are unsure if their oxygen is acceptable to travel are encouraged to reach out to in advance for guidance.


Accessibility Plan and Feedback Handling Process

Pacific Coastal Airlines has prepared a 2023-2026 Accessibility Plan, which includes our Feedback Handling Process, to assist in meeting our requirements under the Accessible Canada Act.


Accessibility Progress Report

Accessibility Progress Report – June 1, 2024


Accessibility Feedback Form                                                                           

If you have any accessibility feedback you wish to provide, you may do so by using this Accessibility Feedback Form, or through any other method listed in our Feedback Handling Process found in the Accessibility Plan above. To submit your feedback anonymously on the form below, please leave the name and contact details fields blank.


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