Travel Advisories

Flight Diversions

Alternate Destination

An alternate destination is defined as the specified base at which an aircraft may safely land if unable to land at its scheduled destination. This is most common when the scheduled destination is effected by poor weather conditions.

Should Pacific Coastal Airlines anticipate the need for an alternate destination, all passengers will be advised prior to departing. Before flight departure passengers will have the option to:

  • Cancel for a full refund
  • Rebook you on the next available Pacific Coastal Airlines flight at no addition cost;
  • Rebook you on an alternate flight or travel date at no addition cost;
  • Cancel the effected segment and/or all of unused flight segments with no penalty and receive a full refund issued to the original form of payment; or
  • By agreeing to board a flight with an advisory, passengers are responsible for any fees incurred should the flight land at the alternate airport.

Flight Diversion

A flight diversion is when an aircraft is unable to arrive at its final destination. All diversions are unforeseen; otherwise it is described as an alternate prior to departure. Some factors that may cause a diversion are:

  • Aircraft emergency;
  • Passenger emergency;
  • Mechanical failure; and
  • Poor weather conditions.

What we will do

Upon diverting, Pacific Coastal Airlines will provide options to passengers to ensure their itinerary is completed as soon as possible. The nature of the flight diversion and available resources will determine the options available to passenger. This may include:

  • Attempt to land at the final destination;
  • Returning to the base of origin; or
  • Provide alternate transportation to the final destination from diverted airport (i.e bus service)

How we will help

Standard of treatment is the care that Pacific Coastal Airlines will provide to passengers free of charge following a flight diversion. The category of flight diversion will determine if a passenger is entitled to standard of treatment. Passengers effected by a flight diversion due to uncontrollable events are not entitled to standard of treatment. Passengers effected by a flight diversion due to situations within Pacific Coastal Airlines control or within Pacific Coastal Airlines control, but required for safety may be entitled to standard of treatment.

Controllable, but Required for Safety
Standard of Treatment

Passengers entitled to standard of treatment who are informed of a flight delay or cancellation less than 12 hours before the scheduled departure time, and the flight delay is two or more hours after the scheduled departure time are offered the following:

1. Food and drink*

Pacific Coastal Airlines will issue meal vouchers, valid at pre-established restaurants. Meal vouchers will be issued taking into account the length of travel disruption and time of day.

2. Access to communication

Should a passenger request access to communication, Pacific Coastal Airlines will offer the use of a phone or direct the passenger to join available public WiFi networks.

3. Accommodation

If a passenger is required to wait overnight for their original flight or for a flight reserved as part of an alternate travel arrangement, Pacific Coastal Airlines will offer overnight accommodations. Transportation will also be provided to and from the accommodations.

*Due to the location of some airports, food and drink options may be limited and not available to passengers.

** Following a flight diversion due to uncontrollable events, passengers who cannot be returned to the base of origin or travel to the final destination in the same day, will be provided standards of treatment as noted above.

How we will compensate

Pacific Coastal Airlines may provide compensation to passengers following a flight diversion. It is important to understand that the category and length of travel disruption will determine if a passenger is entitled to compensation. Pacific Coastal Airlines does not offer compensation or reimbursement for any additional expenses incurred as a result of travel disruptions within control, but required for safety or uncontrollable events. Passengers travel that is disrupted due to controllable flight diversions are entitled to compensation based on the length of delayed arrival to the final destination.

Controllable, but Required for Safety
Length of Arrival Delay*Monetary Compensation
2 hours & 59 minutes or less$0.00
3 hours to 5 hours & 59 minutes$125.00
6 hours to 8 hours & 59 minutes$250.00
9 hours or greater$500.00

*Arrival Delay = the revised arrival time at the final destination compared to the arrival time on the original ticket.

How to claim Compensation

To receive monetary compensation as recourse for a controllable flight diversion greater than 3 hours, the disrupted passenger must apply for compensation. To apply, please fill in the form below and click on Submit or print the PDF version, fill it out, and mail it in. You have one year from the date of the disrupted flight to take this action. Pacific Coastal Airlines will respond within 30 days of receiving your claim.

Flight Disruption Allowance Application Form (please complete this form for every passenger)

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