Travel Advisories

Musical Instruments

Pacific Coastal Airlines will accept musical instruments as either checked baggage or as part of a passenger carry-on allowance. The size and weight of the musical instrument and type of carrying case will determine whether the item will be transported as carry-on or checked baggage.

Musical Instruments as Carry-On

Small musical instruments are considered part of carry-on baggage allowance as long as they meet the carry-on dimension regulations and piece allowance. All carry-on musical instruments must be stowed in the overhead bin, under the seat, or in other approved locations. This is left to the discretion of the cabin crew and customer service agent upon checking the flight and baggage loads. Musical instruments in a soft-sided case cannot be placed on the valet cart.

Musical Instruments as Checked Baggage

Musical instruments that exceed our carry-on baggage allowance must be checked in and will only be accepted provided they are properly packed in a hard-sided case. Applicable checked baggage fees apply. If instruments exceed the maximum checked baggage dimensions, the oversize fee will be waived. Overweight fees will apply if the item exceeds 50lbs.

Travelling with a guitar?

As guitars must travel as checked baggage we are unable to accept guitars in soft sided cases. All guitars must be in a hard sided case to be accepted as checked baggage for transportation with Pacific Coastal Airlines.

Soft-Sided Case Hard-Sided Case
In Cabin Carry-On Maximum Dimensions 14” X 15.5” X 12” Maximum Dimensions 14” X 15.5” X 12”
Maximum Weight 22lbs Maximum Weight 22lbs
Fee $0.00 Fee $0.00
Valet Not Permitted


Maximum Dimensions 9″ x 15.5″ x 21.5″
Maximum Weight 22lbs
Fee $0.00
Checked Baggage Not Permitted


Maximum Dimensions 86” Length
Maximum Weight 50lbs
Fee Applicable checked baggage fees