Travel Advisories



If you are traveling with checked baggage we recommend that you drop off your checked baggage 60 minutes prior to your scheduled departure time with one of our agents at our check-in counters. We are unable to accept checked baggage that is dropped off 40 minutes or less prior to your scheduled departure time.

We make every effort to ensure your luggage travels with you. However, there are times where we cannot accommodate all checked baggage due to payload restrictions. We trust our passengers will keep this in mind when packing, keeping important items with them in their carry-on.

Note: We recommend not packing the following items in your checked baggage: house/car keys, jewelry, valuables, cash, life-saving medicine/medical devices, important documents, or personal electronic devices.

Checked Baggage

A checked bag is one item, weighing up to a maximum of 50 pounds (23 kilograms) with maximum linear dimension of 62 inches (158 cm). Linear dimension is calculated by adding together the bags outside height, width and length. All wheels and handles should be included when measuring.

Regular Fares (including GST) 

1st Checked Piece2nd Checked Piece3rd Checked PieceOversized or overweight
(single item exceeding 50lbs
or 62" linear dimensions)
Bravo Fare*$31.50$52.50$105.00$105.00
Classic Fare*FREE$52.50$105.00$105.00
Encore Fare*FREEFREE$105.00$105.00

*Some exclusions apply

QuikPass Fares (including GST) 

1st Checked Piece2nd Checked Piece3rd Checked PieceOversized or overweight
(single item exceeding 50lbs
or 62" linear dimensions)
QuikPass BravoFREE$52.50$105.00$105.00
QuikPass ClassicFREEFREE$105.00$105.00
QuikPass EncoreFREEFREE$105.00$105.00

Available Payment Methods

Payment TypeTime of ReservationOnline Check-InAt Check-In CounterAt the Gate
American Express
QuikPass Account
Interac Debit

Oversized or Overweight Checked Baggage

Pacific Coastal Airlines does not accept single checked bags exceeding 70lbs (except for large checked pets). An overweight item is a single piece of checked baggage between 50lbs and 70lbs. In addition, an oversized item will be any single piece exceeding 62” linear dimensions. If an item weighs more than 50lbs and/or exceeds 62” linear inches the item will be deemed to be oversized/ overweight.  See chart, above, for rates.

Checked Baggage Limit

The maximum number of checked baggage items that will be accepted for all fare classes is three, permitted that applicable checked baggage charges are paid.

Lithium Batteries

Lithium batteries are considered dangerous goods. Pacific Coastal Airlines will not accept lithium batteries loose in checked baggage or as cargo. Lithium batteries can only be accepted in checked baggage if installed in a device. Loose lithium batteries need to be in carry-on baggage, or on a passenger. More information.

Baggage Claims

If you are unable to locate your checked bag upon landing, please report your missing bag to the Pacific Coastal Airlines Customer Service Agent immediately in order to expedite your baggage tracking process.

When you report a damaged bag to us, we will assess the damage to your bag. With certain exceptions including normal wear and tear or damage resulting from a defect in the bag, if it is determined that the bag was damaged while in our care, we will repair the bag or replace it. In addition, we will provide a refund for the checked baggage fees that you paid on flights operated by Pacific Coastal Airlines. Please examine your baggage’s condition upon arrival. If your bag has been damaged please report to a Pacific Coastal Airlines Customer Service Agent at our check-in counter right away.

To learn more about how we can assist you with delayed, lost or damaged baggage click here.

Security Screening

Checked baggage will be processed through screening prior to loading on all Pacific Coastal Airlines flights operating between the Vancouver South Terminal and the following airports: Victoria Int’l., Cranbrook, Comox, Campbell River, & Williams Lake.

Checked baggage containing items that are prohibited onboard an aircraft may be opened by authorized security screeners for further inspection. For further information regarding prohibited items, please visit the Canadian Air Transport Security Authority (CATSA) website or call 1.888.294.2202.

Baggage Transfer

Baggage will be transferred on all connections within the Pacific Coastal Airlines network; however, we are not able to transfer baggage to other airlines on your behalf. When connecting to other airlines, you will need to claim your baggage upon arrival in Vancouver, and re-check it when you reach your next carrier.

Military Baggage Information

Any Canadian Military (former or current) Personnel traveling for business and/or personal can check-in two checked bags, up to 50lbs and/or 62” linear dimensions each, at no additional charge. To be eligible for this, the passenger must present one of the following valid military identification at check-in.

  • A CFOne card with “CF” or “V”
  • Record of Service Card (NDI 75)
  • Department of National Defence Card (NDI 20)
  • Department of National Defence Temporary Card (NDI 10)
  • Any Veterans Affairs Canada (VAC) Benefit Card
  • Discharge Certificate from any branch of the Canadian Military
  • Statement of Service from any branch of the Canadian Military
  • Certificate of Service (CF 54 or CF 75) from any branch of the Canadian Military

Please note this benefit is not extended to a spouse, partner or family members of the Canadian Forces Member. In addition, if the checked bags (s) are overweight or oversized, applicable overweight and/or oversized checked baggage fees apply.

Articles Accepted as Baggage

Pacific Coastal Airlines will accept for transportation as baggage such personal property as is necessary or appropriate for wear, use, comfort, or convenience for the passenger for the purposes of his trip.

Baggage shall consist only of wearing apparel, non-liquid toilet articles and similar effects for actual use which are necessary and appropriate for the comfort and convenience of the passenger for the purpose of journey and not intended for other persons or for sale.

Refer to Pacific Coastal Airlines Domestic scheduled Tariff, sections 18.0 through to 18.4 inclusive for complete details.