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QuikPass FAQs

What is a QuikPass Account?

QuikPass is our bulk-purchase program for frequent travellers that saves you at least 20% off the top fare in the same fare category of your choice at time of registration. In addition to the savings, these value-added perks apply every time anyone travels on your QuikPass:

  • Priority Boarding
    Enjoy pre-boarding and be among the first onboard your flight. QuikPass Encore also offers complimentary advance seat selection. 
  • Priority Protection Travel
    In the event a flight is delayed or cancelled, ex: due to weather, you have priority for available seats on 
    the next flight. QuikPass priority is in the order of Encore, Classic, and Bravo. 
  • 24/7 Online Account Management
    Access to your QuikPass portal any day, anytime. Book a flight or change an existing reservation anytime. Take advantage of the account reporting features, enabling you to track and monitor your travel spend. 

The QuikPass account holder can allow anyone to travel using their account and take advantage of priority travel benefits.

Users are solely responsible for the management of their account(s) and should guard their user names and passwords accordingly.

How do I become a QuikPass Account holder?

Registration by credit card can be made online and registration using a company cheque via a mail-in form.

Within minutes of an online registration an e-mail confirmation should arrive in the inbox of your  registered email address. This email will have your QuikPass account details.  You will then need to activate your account within 24 hours by making a deposit with a credit card (Visa, MasterCard, or American Express). Once your account has been activated you may login and start making your bookings. 

For registrations made by cheque, please allow up to five business days for processing after company cheque is received.  Upon receipt Pacific Coastal Airlines will register your account and apply the deposit. We will then contact you via email to advise you of the account set-up and ask you to modify your password.  At that time you may begin to book travel.  Please mail company cheque and form to:

Pacific Coastal Airlines 
Finance Department – Attention QuikPass
4980 Cowley Crescent,
Richmond, B.C. V7B 1C1

*Reminder: please be sure the deposit is the correct amount per your choice of QuikPass product (Encore $2000, Classic $1500, or Bravo $1000). 

How do I access my QuikPass account?

Hover over “LOGIN” located at the top right side of our website then click on “QUIKPASS LOGIN.”

How long is my QuikPass Account valid for?

It is valid for one year from date of the last deposit you made to your account.

Is my QuikPass limited to specific routes?

No.  You can use the QuikPass account to book travel anywhere in our network.

How can I change my reservation? 

You may modify any bookings made using your user name and password, online, up to at least 2 hours prior before flight departure. To do so, log into your QuikPass account and click the “Edit Reservation” tab on the options menu and follow the prompts. Whether or not a fee applies depends on the QuikPass product purchased.

If I cancel my flight what happens?

The fare will be automatically credited back to your QuikPass account for future travel, minus a fee if applicable per the QuikPass product purchased (Encore $0.00, Classic $52.50, Bravo $78.75). Failure to check-in for a flight without prior notice will automatically result in the forfeiture of the value of that segment. Any future segments within that reservation will be cancelled and credited back to the QuikPass account (minus fee if applicable).

Is my QuikPass account refundable?

No. A balance will remain on file for one year from last date of deposit.

Can I extend my balance beyond one year?

Yes. An extension of six months is available upon request for a fee of $78.75. To request this extension you can email our QuikPass Team at Please be sure to include your QuikPass account information in the email.

Can I book an Unaccompanied Minor (Child aged 8-11 yrs) online using my QuikPass Account?

Children cannot be booked online without an accompanying adult.  We require you to call our Call Center at 1.800.663.2872 to book a child traveling unaccompanied.  Our Call Center agents will have questions for you and require specific information relating to both the child’s travel and the QuikPass Account.

What if I require Special Assistance?

No problem.  You may still book your travel online but please call one of our agents at 1.800.663.2872 to discuss your specific needs in order for us to serve you better. You will need your reservation number.

Can I view the balance remaining on my QuikPass account?

Yes. Simply log into your account and your remaining balance will be displayed in the options menu.

Can I make additional deposits on my QuikPass account?

Yes, once you’ve logged in you may choose to make a “Deposit” from the “Options Menu”.  Your minimum deposit amount is reflective of the QuikPass product purchased (Encore $2000, Classic $1500, or Bravo $1000). 

Can I deposit more than the minimum?

Yes, providing you are depositing more than the minimum amount. 

Can I pay using a company cheque?

Yes, please print and fill out this mail-in form.

If you wish to make subsequent deposits to an existing QuikPass accounts by company cheque, the minimum deposit is per the QuikPass product purchased (Encore $2000, Classic $1500, or Bravo $1000). You are welcome to deliver your cheque to your nearest Pacific Coastal Airlines check-in counter or mail the cheque to:

Pacific Coastal Airlines 
Finance Department – Attention QuikPass
4440 Cowley Crescent, Unit # 204
Richmond, B.C.  V7B 1B8

Please include the QuikPass account name, account number, and your contact information incase we need to contact you.  Please allow up to five business days for processing after company cheque is received.

What happens if I forget my password?

Click the “Forgot your password?” button here and follow the email prompts to reset your account password.  A reminder e-mail will be sent to the original e-mail address provided when you registered.  A alpha numeric password will automatically be generated and sent to you by email. Copy and paste the new password to log into your account. Once you are logged into your account you can reset your password by clicking the “Change Password” tab. 

Can I contact Pacific Coastal Airlines by phone to make reservations?

Yes, although we encourage reservations online, Pacific Coastal Airlines agents will be happy to make reservations for you but will require specific details to maintain the security of your account. Please identify that you are a QuikPass holder and be ready to provide your QuikPass account number and name. Our Call Centre’s toll-free number is 1.800.663.2872. 

May I use my account to purchase other QuikPass or public fares?

No. Your QuikPass account may only be used to purchase the applicable QuikPass fare. For example, QuikPass Encore account may not be used to purchase a retail Bravo Fare.

If the QuikPass product that I purchased doesn’t suit my needs, can I transfer the balance to a new 
QuikPass product that’s right for me?

Yes! However, in order to activate a new QuikPass account, you will need to contact us at Our staff can help you find the right QuikPass account that provides a solution to your travel needs.


To register for a QuikPass account, click here

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