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QuikPass FAQs

QuikPass is a bulk purchase program where you can enjoy complimentary checked bags, priority travel protections, 24/7 online account management, and priority boarding. Our QuikPass Program is ideal for frequent travelers, whether individuals, friends, family, or businesses with continuous travel needs. Key highlights of this program can be found here.
How do I become a QuikPass Account holder? To become a QuikPass account holder, you have two registration options: Online Registration with Credit Card: 1)Register online by providing your credit card information. 2) Registration via Cheque Please note that the online registration process offers quicker activation, while registration by cheque involves a slightly longer processing time.
Hover over “LOGIN” located at the top right side of our website then click on “QUIKPASS LOGIN”. For your convenience, here is the direct link.
It is valid for one year from the date of the last deposit made to your account.
No. You can use the QuikPass account to book travel anywhere in our network.
You can either modify your reservation by logging into your QuikPass account portal or by calling our Reservations Call Centre with your Reservation Number.
The funds will be automatically credited back to your QuikPass account for future travel, minus a fee applicable per the QuikPass level purchased. Changes/cancellations must be made at least 2 hours prior to departure to avoid forfeiture of fare.
No. Available funds will remain in the account to book travel.
Yes. If you find you require additional time to use your funds, you may request for an extension of 6 months for a fee of $78.75. Please email the request to our QuikPass Team at with your QuikPass account number.
No. Children cannot be booked online without an accompanying adult. Please call our Reservations Call Centre at 1.800.663.2872 to book a child traveling unaccompanied. Our agents require specific information relating both to the child’s travel and the QuikPass account.
You may still book your reservation online but please call our Reservations Call Centre at 1.800.663.2872 to discuss your specific needs in order for us to serve you better. Please remember to refer to your Reservation Number.
Yes. You may log into your account and your available funds are displayed on the main page. Alternatively, you may call our Reservations Call Centre at 1.800.663.2872 with your QuikPass account number and name and our agent will be able to provide this information.
You may log into your account and select “Deposit” from the Options Menu or call our Reservations Call Centre at 1.800.663.2872.
Yes. Some of our clients budget their travel and deposit this amount provided it is more than the minimum.
Click on "Forgot Your Password?" on the login page to receive a verification PIN via email. Use this PIN to reset your password securely. If you do not receive a verification PIN via email, our QuikPass Team can assist in troubleshooting. Simply email with your QuikPass account number and password reset request.
Your login is a username created at time of registration and not an email address. If you have forgotten this, simply email with your QuikPass account number to request this information.
Our QuikPass Team would be happy to help you determine which level provides a solution to your travel needs and ensure you’re maximizing the benefits! Email with your existing QuikPass account number.
Options available are: 1. A deposit can be placed in the account. The minimum deposit for the account type is required. 2. QuikPass users can seek to close their account and utilize the remaining funds in the account for a public fare (Non-Quikpass) booking. To select this option, users must contact to indicate that they’d like to close their account and book a public fare reservation. Once confirmed by the QuikPass Support Team, users can then reach out to our Reservations Team at 1-800-663-2872, provide their account number and book a new reservation using those funds. Any outstanding balance can then be paid with a credit card. Reservations booked using this option are subject to the terms and conditions of the selected public fare.
Please email with the updated information along with the associated QuikPass account number. Be mindful that the updated email is where all QuikPass deposit receipts and password reset emails go.
Your Quikpass account number starts with QB, QC, or QP followed by five numbers. This information can be found once you’re logged into your account online by clicking any of the following buttons: Book Flight, Deposit, Transactions.
Whether you value flexibility, predictability, or a balanced combination of both, we have an account tailored to suit your preferences. Explore the details of each account option to make an informed decision that aligns with your travel patterns. Compare the features and benefits by clicking here. If you would like to contact our QuikPass Team for more details, you may email
To reactivate a Quikpass account, a fee of $78.75 will reactivate plus give you a 6-month extension on the account. To reactivate your account, please contact and one of our Quikpass Support Team members can help you with this process.