Shorter days, cooler nights, and falling snow serve to remind us that the festive season is drawing near. For some it is a time to share precious moments with friends and family and that often means making an annual trip. If your holiday plans include flying with Pacific Coastal Airlines we’re happy to offer you some helpful advice to make your holiday travel the best it can be.

Book Early
The holiday season is always a busy time for travel and high demand can result in sold out flights. Increased demand for seats also drives up fare prices. With these realities in mind we suggest that you book your holiday flights as far ahead of time as possible and on days that are not likely to be as busy. In doing so you will have the best opportunity to access lower fare prices and avoid the disappointment of sold out flights.

Choose The Right Fare
We have a range of fare products with unique features and benefits designed to meet your specific travel needs. Bravo, our most affordable fare, has more restrictions including change and cancellation fees. Classic is our mid-range fare class, and our premium fare product Encore offers more free checked baggage and no cancellation or change fees. It’s important to understand the differences between each of the fare classes and to select a product that is best for you.

Student Discount
Full-time post-secondary school students with the International Student ID Card (ISIC) are entitled to fare discounts. It’s easy to register and there are no blackout periods so these discounts apply to holiday travel as well.

Always Check Your Confirmation
Whether you book your flight from our website, through our call centre, or with your travel agent, always check your confirmation to ensure that your personal and contact information and your flight details are accurate. If you encounter an error, contact your travel agent or a Pacific Coastal Airlines Customer Service Agent at 1-800-663-2872 immediately.

Arrive Early
Given that this is the busiest time of the year for air travel you can bet that it is likely to take you longer to get checked in and through security, especially during peak travel times. We always recommend that you arrive at the airport at least 60 minutes ahead of your flight time, but we suggest a minimum 90 minutes during the holiday season. While events outside of our control may occur that impact our departure and arrival times, on time performance is as important to us as it is to you. For this reason we require all passengers to be checked-in and at the departures gate no later than 20 minutes prior to boarding time with your boarding pass and valid government issued identification in hand. Failure to be at the gate prior to the 20 minute cut off time can lead to denial of boarding.

Checked Baggage

If you are planning to travel with gifts this often means heavier bags and more checked items. The features and benefits of our unique fare classes allow you the flexibility to choose a fare that suits your needs, especially if you are planning to travel with checked bags:

Bravo Fare: 0 free checked bag
Classic Fare: 1 free checked bag
Encore Fare: 2 free checked bags

Carry On Baggage
We recently increased our carry on baggage limits to a total of 44 pounds within the following guidelines:
Pacific Coastal Airline’s carry-on/valet baggage allowance is limited to two pieces: one (1) Standard Article (such as a carry-on bag/roller) and one (1) personal item (such as larger purse, laptop bag, or diaper bag).

 Maximum SizeMaximum Weight
1 Standard Article9" x 15.5" x 21.5"
(23cm x 40cm x 55cm)
1 Personal Article6" x 13" x 17"
(16cm x 33cm x 43cm)

Wrapped Christmas Gifts
If you intend on playing Santa Clause and distributing gifts to friends and family at your destination or are bringing gifts back with you there are some things you need to know. If are carrying wrapped items, put them in your checked bags and not in your carry on bag because wrapped gifts are likely to be opened by officials as you go through security. So, if you don’t want that to happen, you are better to keep them unwrapped. If you are determined to deliver wrapped gifts then bring pre-cut wrapping paper, ribbon, and scotch tape with you and wrap them when you get there.

Christmas Cargo
If you’re not going to make it home to visit friends and family this year and are sending them a gift you may be interested to know that we ship cargo too! Right now our annual Rudolph Cargo sale lets you ship your Christmas gift now until December 31, 2018 for as low as $15.00 including GST (conditions apply). We’re happy to play Santa on your behalf.

Wine, beer, and other spirits are common Christmas gifts. If you are traveling with these items you need to ensure that they are adequately packed and stored in you checked baggage. Don’t forget to check that these are not accidentally left in your carry on bag as you will end up leaving that expensive bottle of Champagne behind at security!

Flight Status Updates
We work hard to get our passengers to their final destination on time. While delays and cancellations can happen at any time, inclement weather often leads to increased delays or cancellations of flights during the winter months in British Columbia. You can get up-to-date information on your flight at any time with our Flight Status application on our website.
We look forward to helping you have the best holiday ever!


Story by Pacific Coastal Airlines