Travel Advisories

Mandatory Mask Policy


The Government of Canada is asking that all travellers, over the age of two, have a removable non-medical mask or face covering large enough to cover their mouth and nose during their travel through Canadian airports and in-flight. Travellers must confirm that they have in their possession the mandatory non-medical mask or face covering as part of the registration or check-in process otherwise they will not be allowed to continue on their journey. At a minimum, travellers will be asked to wear the non-medical mask or face covering:

  • at airport screening checkpoints;
  • during the flight when they cannot physically distance from others, including at all times when they are 2 metres or less from another person, except another occupant of the person’s private home; or
  • as directed by an official of the air operator, the Canadian Air Transport Security Authority, a Canada Border Services Agency officer, or a Canadian public health official.

For more information click here. Please note that Pacific Coastal Airlines is unable to provide face masks to travellers. We kindly ask that customers ensure they bring a face mask of their own for their upcoming flight.

Passengers that wish to eat or drink while on board remain able to do so if they replace their mask once finished.

Zero-tolerance Mask Policy

To support Transport Canada requirements, effective September 14, 2020, we are implementing a zero-tolerance mask policy for all passengers (over the age of two) to wear masks and face coverings. Non-compliant passengers will face penalties including refused boarding, return of the aircraft to the gate to offload the passenger, and the suspension of travel on any Pacific Coastal Airlines flight for up to one year.

Non-compliance during boarding or while on board the aircraft will be managed in a four-phased approach:

  1. Passengers will be asked by either a Customer Service Agent, Pilot or Flight Attendant to wear their approved face covering.
  2. Passengers will be given a warning that masks are required, and compliance is non-negotiable.
  3. Passengers will receive notice that non-compliance will result in follow up notification that they will be placed on a no-fly list for up to 12-months.
  4. Passengers will be removed from the aircraft, or not permitted to board.

Policy Exemptions

As outlined by Transport Canada exceptions to the face covering or mask include:

  • A child/ infant less than 2 years old;
  • A child who is at least two years of age but less than six years of age who is unable to tolerate wearing a face mask;
    • An adult responsible for a child who is at least two years of age but less than six years of age must ensure that a face mask is readily available to the child prior to boarding an aircraft for a flight.
  • A person who provides a medical certificate certifying that they are unable to wear a face mask for medical reasons;
  • A person who is unable to remove their face mask without assistance.

Please see the Public Health Agency of Canada’s guidelines on non-medical masks and face coverings.

This page was last updated on December 22, 2020.

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