Rudolph has always been a fan of air transportation of Christmas gifts and takes the lead every year. In fact, we have to hoof it to just keep up with him. Each Christmas we are mindful of family and the communities we serve, and in addition to our Adopt-a-Family fundraising we wanted to do something to make gift giving even easier. So, we hired Rudolph as a consultant, seeing as he’s an expert and all, and we came up with an offer of $15 per shipment!

For a limited time, person-to-person Christmas-gift shipments, between November 26 and December 31 you can take Rudolph’s lead and save.

Just visit one of our cargo offices (no need to ring the deer bell, just come right in) with your gift ready for shipping.

Terms & Conditions

We’re grateful to Rudolph for his help with the project. He’s pretty smart and didn’t even go to school…he’s elf-taught.


Story by Pacific Coastal Airlines