Limited Time Offer: Ship between November 15th and December 31st (inclusive), 2017

Promo Code: RUDOLPH 

Terms & Conditions

  • shipments must be prepaid
  • personal shipments only, defined as person to person (i.e. commercial shipments do not qualify: business to business, courier to courier, business to person, and person to business)
  • valid on all Pacific Coastal Airlines routes
  • maximum weight is 35lbs; maximum dimensions cannot include a linear dimension exceeding 16 inches
  • only items declared as gifts qualify (to meet Transport Canada’s requirements for description)
  • all cargo shipments are subject to being searched
  • gift-wrapped items are not permitted (see line above)
  • shipping is airport to airport only; i.e. local delivery is not included
  • one qualified shipment per consignee per 24-hour period

Prohibited Items

  • live animals
  • dangerous goods
  • commercial goods sold for or for resale
  • valuable shipments (i.e. jewlery, cash, gold bullion)
  • perishable goods