Travel Advisories

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Terms and Conditions

  • Personal shipments only, defined as person to person (i.e. commercial shipments do not qualify, such as business to business, courier to courier, business to person, person to business)
  • A shipment is defined as from one (1) shipper, containing one (1) or more pieces to one (1) consignee.
  • A shipper is permitted one (1) shipment per day to a consignee, additional items tendered on the same day will be processed separately at regular cargo rates.
  • Valid only on Pacific Coastal Airlines flights operated within British Columbia.
  • Maximum chargeable weight permitted is 35 lbs per consignee per day from one location.

Note: Chargeable weight is the greater of gross weight (lbs) versus dimensional weight (lbs).

  • No single dimension may exceed 16 inches.
  • Must be prepaid.
  • All cargo shipments are subject to being searched as per Transport Canada regulations. Gift wrapped items are not exempt. Customers are not obligated to ship with us if they refuse a search of their shipment.
  • Shipping is airport to airport only, pickups or deliveries are not available.

Prohibited Items

  • Commercial goods sold or for resale
  • Cremated Human remains
  • Dangerous Goods
  • Firearms
  • Lithium Ion batteries, loose or installed in devices.
  • Live Animals
  • Perishable goods
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Valuable items *defined as having a value of $454.54 per lb or greater.