In aviation, on-time performance (OTP) is a very important factor as it measures the ability of our services to be on-time. As the travel industry can encounter many challenges and uncontrollable delays, we know that achieving 100% OTP is a huge accomplishment. Lloydminster (YLL), one of our WestJet Link bases in Alberta, is celebrating one-year of 100% OTP and we would like to take this time to acknowledge their major milestone and achievement.

The team in YLL has also been together since the start of the WestJet Link operation. Tammy, Inky, and Gabby are original team members who have a very close relationship and work wonderfully together. “Lines of communication between us are very open and transparent,” says YLL Base Manager, Tammy Fitzpatrick. “It has taken us a long time to get here, we were all just reminiscing the other day that our first month on the job was a challenge. If I remember correctly, we ran at a 14% OTP, but through dedication to each other and the operation, we started to gain confidence and strived every day to be better than the day before. We also had great leadership from Chloe, and she guided us through the struggles we were facing.”

We asked Tammy what the process looked like to achieve this major milestone and what it took for their team to stay consistent. “I would say that the most important thing in achieving this milestone has been teamwork. We have a very close-knit team in YLL, from our Link team to our Ground Crew. We speak with the ground crew before, during, and after every flight. They know our expectations and we know theirs. Also, procedure is key. We don’t deviate from procedure whether we have a full flight or a light guest load, we treat each flight the same. The flight crews also need credit for our success, they all have been amazing throughout the past year. We have built close relationships with the flight crews and it has made our jobs a lot easier.”

The last year has been a struggle for everyone in the aviation industry, and we are very proud of the team in YLL for their continued motivation, dedication, and hard work to achieve one-year of 100% OTP. Laura Nadin-Young, Vice President of Airports says, “We are incredibly proud of our Pacific Coastal team in Lloydminster, providing service to WestJet Link operations. They continue to be professional and provide great customer service even in these ever-changing times.”

Congratulations and a big round of applause to our Lloydminster team!