The holiday season is here!

We’ve put together our top 10 travel tips and reminders to make your journey as smooth as possible this holiday season.


1. Check your documents

Airport prep starts at home, make sure all your documents and IDs are still valid and accurate.

Whether you book your flight from our website, through our Call Centre, or through a travel agent, you should always check your confirmation to ensure your contact information and flight details are accurate. If you encounter an error, contact your travel agent or a Pacific Coastal Airlines Customer Service Agent at 1-800-663-2872 immediately.


2. Check-In Online

Quick and convenient, our self-serve, online check-in service provides you with the option to check-in for your flight from any computer between 24 hours and up to 1 hour ahead of scheduled flight time. You can find our online check-in on our homepage next to ‘Book’ and ‘Manage’ or click here.

Online check-in will also allow customers to pre-pay for any checked baggage or additional items online to save you even more time when dropping off their checked baggage.

With the PCA Mobile App, you can easily complete online check-in and save the boarding pass to your mobile device.

3. Read Baggage Policies

Every airline has different baggage policies and if you are travelling with Christmas gifts, this often means heavier bags and more checked items. Make sure you read the guidelines carefully, stay within the allowed dimensions, and weight for a smooth check-in.

The features and benefits of our unique fare classes allow you the flexibility to choose a fare that suits your needs, especially if you are planning to travel with checked bags. Click here to learn more about our checked baggage policy.


4. Arrive Early

Check ahead to determine your departure airport’s busyness and build sufficient time around your flight to cope with security lines.

We always recommend that you arrive at the airport at least 60 minutes ahead of your scheduled flight time. Check-in and checked baggage acceptance close 40 minutes before scheduled departure time.

5. Avoid wrapping your gifts

CATSA recommends leaving your gifts unwrapped as the contents may need to be inspected. You can visit their website online here for more details.

If you’re considering sending out your Christmas presents via cargo, avoid wrapping your gifts in advance as they may need to be searched for security reasons. Holiday gift boxes are great alternatives that you can consider. At PCA, we offer a variety of cargo products to suit your holiday needs, click here to learn about our fares.


6. Check your liquids

Wine, beer, and other spirits are common Christmas gifts. If you are traveling with these items you need to ensure that they are adequately packed and stored in your checked baggage. Don’t forget to check that these are not accidentally left in your carry-on bag as you will end up leaving that expensive bottle of Champagne behind at security!


7. Look out for weather advisories

Winter travel is unpredictable as heavy snowfall and icy roads may cause delays. Keeping up with the weather forecast can help you come up with a backup plan to ensure you arrive at the airport on time.

You can get up-to-date information on your flight at any time by using our online Flight Status tool and checking out our Travel Advisories page.

8. South Terminal (Vancouver)

For customers traveling for the first time with Pacific Coastal Airlines to/from Vancouver this Holiday, we highly suggest learning about the South Terminal. If you’re departing from the main YVR terminal, a glance at the Terminal Maps can help you navigate your gates easier.

Similar to you, other travelers are also heading to the airport this holiday season. The Canada Line is a great public transport option as YVR offers a complimentary Shuttle Service between the Main and South Terminal which operates every 30 minutes. If you’re driving, consider pre-booking your parking spot!


9. Flight Cancellation Request Form

If you booked directly with Pacific Coastal Airlines and are unable to cancel your flight online or contact us through our call centre, we welcome customers to complete our online flight cancellation request form to submit a flight cancellation request.


10. Contacting us during the Holidays

Should you have questions about the upcoming holiday season, the staff at Pacific Coastal Airlines would be happy to assist you. Please visit our Contact Us webpage for hours of operation and contact information.