From ground operations to soaring 20,000 feet above, our organization thrives on the expertise and dedication of talented women. That being said, Pacific Coastal Airlines recognizes our responsibility to persist in creating an inclusive and diverse industry where everyone has equal opportunities to ascend to the skies.

This year, as our all-female crew soars across the skies of beautiful British Columbia, we come together to shine the spotlight on the remarkable women that have contributed to the operations of Pacific Coastal Airlines and pay tribute to the trailblazing women who paved the runway and faced social challenges to take flight throughout aviation history. 

Our objective remains unchanged – to honour the female pioneers in aviation history, amplify the voice of women in aviation and inspire the next generation of female aviators.

Kristen, PCA Senior Manager of Cabin Safety

Kristen joined Pacific Coastal Airlines in 2019 as our Cabin Safety Manager and since grew with the organization. She is currently leading training for both Pacific Coastal Airlines flight attendants and WestJet Link flight attendants.

Kristen Temple, Senior Manager of Cabin Safety

“The next generation of women should choose aviation for the women like themselves, and they should look behind them when they are successful and say, “you’re next.” If you’re interested, know that you’re helping other women. Sustain your seat, keep trying. 

And, how hard can it be?”

Susanne, Aircraft Maintenance Lead

Joined us in 2011, Suzy grew with our team and is now one of our shining Line Maintenance Leads, showcasing remarkable dedication and expertise.

“Doing a challenging job is tough, and being intimidated by a co-worker makes it even more difficult. That’s why I always do my best to welcome more women into the industry, support them where I can, and remind them that this industry is attainable for women and we are valued here.”

B1900 First Officer, Rachel

Rachel joined Pacific Coastal Airlines as a Customer Service Agent and quickly became one of our B1900 First Officers after earning her Commercial Pilot License.

Rachel, B1900 First Officer at Pacific Coastal Airlines

“To all the women who wonder if there’s a place for you here in the industry, there definitely is.
There is a place for you in aviation regardless of your gender and how you identify, and I hope to see you here one day.”

Aircraft Maintenance Engineer, Kelly

Kelly began her journey with Pacific Coastal Airlines in early 2023 as an Aircraft Maintenance Apprentice and swiftly advanced to achieve her licensed AME status.

“No matter what internal thoughts you have or internal people telling you, make space for yourself. Create your path, and inspire those who are coming next.”

Aircraft Maintenance Engineer Kelly

B1900 First Officer, Kahina

In 2023, Kahina relocated from the East Coast to British Columbia to embark on her career as a pilot with Pacific Coastal Airlines. Coming from a family with a deep-rooted aviation background, Kahina developed a fervent passion for flying from an early age.

“If you know aviation is your passion, persevere. There will be hurdles, and it might take more time, but you can make it. You don’t have to take the traditional path or follow other people’s timelines. Take your time and follow your own pace.”

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