Travel Advisories

QuikPass is a great solution for frequent fliers. Here’s why. 

You get:

  • a price lower than the lowest regular fare shown in selected category (bravo, classic, or encore)
  • perks and priority that regular fares don’t offer
  • 1st checked bag free

QuikPass Comparison

Bulk Discount off Top Fare Min. 20% Min. 20% Min. 20%
Minimum Deposit $1000 $1500 $2000
Priority Boarding ok ok ok
Priority Protection Travel ok ok ok
24/7 Online Account Management ok ok ok
Refund to Account ok ok ok
Name Changes $78.75 $52.50 Free
Cancellation / change $78.75 $52.50 Free
Same-Day Earlier Flight Change $52.50 $26.25 Free
Seat Availability 35% 75% 100%
Booking Early In Advance Anytime
1st Checked Bag ok$0 ok$0 ok$0
2nd Checked Bag $42.00 ok$0 ok$0
3rd Checked Bag $94.50 $94.50 $94.50

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