Richmond, BC – The Canadian Transportation Agency has announced significant changes to the rules and regulations governing air travel for children.

Effective Monday, November 4, 2019 the following rules will apply:

Accompanying a Minor

  • Children are defined as being between the ages of two and eleven years of age, inclusive. All Children, two years of age or older, must purchase a seat;
  • Infants are defined as being under the age of two years. Infants may travel if held securely on an adult’s lap, or have a seat on the plane if purchased, and with an infant seat secured in the appropriate manner.
  • The adult to infant ratio must be 1- to -1.
  • The age of an infant and/or child’s will determine the required age of the passenger that accompanies them during travel as follows:
Age of Child TravellingRequired Age of Accompanying Passenger
0-5 years16+ years
6-7 years12+ years
8-11 years12+ years or travel as an Unaccompanied Minor*

* For information about Unaccompanied Minor travel click here

Seating Children

As part of the Canadian Transportation Agency’s new Air Passenger Protection Regulations (APPR), airlines must seat children under the age of fourteen years near to their parent, guardian, or tutor. In order to comply with the APPR, Pacific Coastal will provide pre-boarding for children thirteen years old and under along with their families so they may select their seats prior to the commencement of general boarding.

For more information about the Canadian Transportation Agency’s APPR, visit their website