Pacific Coastal is proud to sponsor three Tofino based surfers – Noah Cohen and the Olin sisters, Mathea and Sanoa. The elder of the two sisters, Mathea, recently won Canada’s first surfing medal at the Pan Am Games in Peru on August 4th. Mathea started surfing around the age of eight where she fell in love with the joy of catching waves. Now at the age of 16, she’s not only catching waves but the eyes of the nation as she hopes to represent Canada in the 2020 Olympics.

We caught up with Mathea to congratulate her on her recent win and ask her a few questions on her surfing experience so far.

Congratulations on winning bronze at the Pan Am Games! How did you feel when you won?
Mathea: Thank you! To be completely honest with you, when I got bronze, I had a lot of mixed emotions. Two days before I was told I was guaranteed a medal, and then I ended up with bronze, so it kind of felt like a loss. But, looking at the bigger picture, I’m beyond stoked to win Canada’s first surfing medal at the Pan Am Games and I’m so excited for everything to come!

Tell us more about your progress for getting on the Canadian Team for the Olympics 2020:
Mathea: At nationals last year I made the Canadian Women’s Surf Team! But, because 2020 will be the first time surfing is in the Olympics, they are only taking 20 athletes from around the world. There are a few ways to qualify but, you have to qualify as an individual, which is going to be extremely hard. Fingers crossed that someone will represent Canada in the 2020 Olympics!

Where is your favourite place to surf?
Mathea: My favourite place to surf is Cox Bay in Tofino. I know it isn’t the best waves in the world, but I’ve put so many hours in there. I’ll always surf at either first light or when the waves are their absolute worst and be out all alone and have a blast!

How has Pacific Coastal Airlines helped your journey?
Mathea: Pacific Coastal has literally been a life saver with all my travels! Tofino to Vancouver or vice versa can be the longest journey, but Pacific Coastal makes it a billion times quicker! I train at Fortius Sport and Health Clinic in Burnaby so being able to hop over to Vancouver to train for a few days has been so beneficial! Thank you to everyone at PCA!


Story by Jodie Sanheim
Photo Credit Left to Right: Bryanna Bradly; Jodie Sanheim