Travel Advisories

Effective December 19, 2019 – January 5, 2020

Richmond, BC – Pacific Coastal Airlines wishes to advise its customers of its live animal and pet travel embargo which will be in effect from Thursday, December 19, 2019 until Sunday, January 5, 2020 inclusive. The embargo is due to expected increases in passenger numbers and cargo loads during the peak holiday travel period.

The seasonal embargo applies to live animals or pets as checked baggage and as cargo, but does not apply to pets and live animals that meet Pacific Coastal’s Carry On Pets-in-Cabin guidelines. Please note the following:

Checked Pets

  • Pacific Coastal will not accept reservations for Checked Pets on or after Friday, October 4, 2019;
  • The Checked Pet embargo does not apply to reservations made on or before Thursday, October 3, 2019;
  • Checked Pets attached to reservations made on or before October 3, 2019 will be permitted during the embargo;
  • The Checked Pet Shop items located on Pacific Coastal Airlines’ online reservation system will not be available during the embargo period;
  • All existing rules and regulations governing Checked Pets will remain in force during the embargo period.

Carry-on Pets in Cabin

  • Pets that meet Pacific Coastal Airlines’ rules and regulations related to Carry-on Pets in Cabin will be allowed during the embargo period;
  • For information about Carry-on Pets in Cabin visit here;
  • For questions or assistance with your reservation, please contact our Call Centre at 1.800.663.2872.

Live Animal Guaranteed Cargo Embargo

  • Live Animals are prohibited from being booked and/or processed as Guaranteed Cargo during the embargo period as noted above;
  • Live Animals are defined as per Pacific Coastal Airlines’ cargo tariff rules in the following manner:
    • “Live Animals shall mean all mammals (other than humans), birds, fish crustacean, shellfish, insects, reptiles, worms, and amphibians.”

Live Animal Priority Cargo Restriction

  • Live Animal cargo shipments to destinations on non-stop flights between two airports will be permitted AS SPACE AVAILABLE ONLY during the embargo period noted above;
  • Live Animal cargo shipments to destinations that include a stop or connection will not be processed during the embargo period;
  • Cutoff time for cargo received at bases is ninety (90) minutes, no exceptions will be made;
  • All other rules and regulations governing the cargo transport of Live Animals remain in force during the embargo period;
  • For more information about Live Animal cargo visit here, contact our YVR South Terminal Cargo office at 604.214.2360 or toll free at 1.855.615.1381, or by email to