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Hold My Booking

Secure Your Booking Now, and Pay Later!

With Hold My Booking, you now have the option to lock in your price to think about your travel and pay later to finalize your reservation. 

For just $4.19 (including GST) per bookingyou can reserve your seats at today’s rate and have up to 3 days to think about before completing your booking. With Hold My Booking, you can avoid price hikes and seat availability issues while you are planning your trip. Remember, this feature is only available when you book through the Pacific Coastal Airlines website. 

Here's how it works:

1.       Go through the booking process, find your flight and reach the payment page.

2.       If your flight is eligible, you’ll see a banner under the ‘Review Your Itinerary’ section. Click the “add” button to add the hold my booking option.

3.       Pay the fee to complete the process and have your reservation on hold. (check the total remaining price. You will have 3 days to pay the remaining amount fully).

4.       When you’re ready, go to ‘Manage My Booking,’ on the PCA website, enter your reservation code, and pay the remaining amount before the hold period ends.

Terms and Conditions:

Customers must secure their fare with “Hold My Booking” on and pay the full amount before the 72-hour hold period expires. Reservations that are not finalized before the hold time expires will be automatically cancelled and the hold fee will be forfeited.

“Hold My Booking” is exclusively offered for reservations made via and is available for Pacific Coastal Airlines flights departing more than 21 days out.

The fee is nonrefundable, charged per booking, and encompasses the service of holding a booking for up to 3 days.

24-hour flexible cancellation and change policies apply for the first 24 hours after the booking with “Hold My Booking” is created, as long as the full amount of the reservation is paid within this period. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

What happens if I don’t pay the full remaining amount before the hold period expires?

Failing to pay the remaining amount and completing the reservation within the 3-day hold period will result in the cancellation of the reservation and the forfeiture of the $4.19 (including GST) Hold My Booking fee.

 Is “Hold My Booking” available on every flight?

“Hold My Booking” is available for Pacific Coastal Airlines flights departing more than 21 days out. 

 Can I change my flight after choosing to hold My Booking?

Flight changes are permissible only after the full payment and completion of the booking. Once the full fare is settled, changes can be made according to regular fees and fare terms and conditions.