Travel Advisories


Q: Why are you collecting fees for checked bags?
A: We are implementing this new policy for several reasons:

  • We are faced with a variety of increasing operational costs that are largely out of our control and we have limited options at our disposal to recoup these rising costs;
  • the public, our customers, want access to low fare prices;
  • In making this change we will be able to offset some of our operating costs, while continuing to offer our customers the lowest fares possible;
  • It will allow our BC-based airline to remain a stable and competitive force in the B.C. marketplace

Q: Are other airlines charging for checked baggage?
A: Yes. Low cost carriers instituted fees for checked baggage and other incremental charges nearly a decade ago.

  • In September of 2014, Air Canada, WestJet and other domestic airlines began charging for extra baggage and it is now considered an industry standard.
  • Pacific Coastal is one of the last airlines in North America to institute this policy.

Q: Will this cost me more to travel with your airline?
A: Not necessarily. The new policy creates a further distinction between the features and benefits related to each of our fare classes (Bravo, Classic, and Encore). This will allow our customers to choose the fare with benefits best suited to their needs at the time of travel:

  • There is no free checked baggage included with the purchase of the lowest-priced fare (Bravo);
  • Customers will receive a first checked bag for free with the purchase of the mid-range Classic Fare;
  • The Encore fare provides customers with their first two checked bags for free.
Q: Does this new policy affect carry on baggage?
A: Yes. The new policy includes an increase to the current carry on baggage allowance. Effective May 1, 2017, passengers will be allowed 2 carry on/valet articles – 1 standard article and 1 personal article – for a total maximum weight of 44 pounds (22 pounds each).

Q: What happens if I purchased my ticket before May 1?
A: The new policy only applies to bookings made on or after May 1. Bookings made before May 1 will not be affected by the new policy.

Q: Are you planning to implement any new incremental charges in the future?
A: Not at this time.

Q: Are my checked bags guaranteed to travel on the same flight as me?
A: Neither we, nor any airline can guarantee that all checked baggage will travel on the same flight as the passenger due to payload/ operational restrictions. In the unlikely event your checked baggage follows on a subsequent flight we will deliver it to your final destination*.

*delivery charges covered up to $250.00 CDN

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