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Pacific Coastal Airlines cargo head office is located at the Vancouver Int’l Airport’s South Terminal (north side).

Questions? Please visit or call 1.855.615.1381 or 604.214.2360 or contact a local office.

Method for Cargo Rating

All consignments received are weighed and measured to determine whether the chargeable weight should be the gross weight, or the dimensional weight.

Packaging Tips

All shipments should be crated, palletized or packaged in a manner to ensure safe transport helping to protect the shipment.

Pacific Coastal Airlines staff takes pride in helping ensure that your shipment will arrive safely to its intended destination. You can help with this process by ensuring that your shipment is packaged properly, that it can withstand normal handling, that it is safe to handle (danger does not exist to staff or to the aircraft) and that inappropriate items are not contained.

Heavy shipments must have the appropriate floor bearing weight capability beneath the item being shipped. This figure cannot exceed 75 lbs per square foot.

How to calculate floor bearing weight:

  1. L in x W in ÷ by 144 sq. in = Result
  2. Net weight (lbs) ÷ by the Result above = Lbs per square foot.

It is important that all shippers fully disclose the contents of shipments.

Packaging Tips Dos and Don’ts

Cut-Off Times

Cut-off times are a necessary part of our business ensuring that our flights leave on time so that our passengers and cargo arrive on schedule. Cut offs are as follows:

  • live-animal shipments: 90 minutes prior to departure (please check with our local office)
  • limited-access shipments (available for seaplane flights at Port Hardy only): 90 minutes prior
  • all other cargo: 60 to 90 minutes prior (please check with our local office)

Partner Airlines

In addition to serving destinations within its network, Pacific Coastal has extended cargo reach, throughout Canada and the U.S., via partnerships with other carriers. Pacific Coastal Airlines can
send and receive from the following airlines: