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Saab 340A

Passengers : 30
Crew : 3
Altitude : 25,000 ft.
Range : 1400 nm.

Saab Aerotech developed the Saab 340 to meet regional airline operator requirements for the highest possible standard of passenger comfort at minimum cost. A systematic and logical design process resulted in an aircraft with a pressurized cabin, three-abreast seating and two turboprop engines on a low wing.



Beechcraft 1900C

Passengers : 19
Crew : 2
Altitude : 25,000 ft.
Range : 800 nm.

This 19 passenger, pressurized aircraft was developed as a result of the increasing demand for high frequency commuter air travel. Its long range and large payload capability has made it the most popular commuter aircraft in North America today.


King Air 200

Passengers : 8
Crew : 2
Altitude : 30,000 ft.
Range : 1,200 nm.

The Beechcraft King Air 200 is an enhanced version of the King Air 100. The King Air 200 was introduced in 1973. An increased wing span, a T-Tail, and larger engines are some of the modifications that were made.



DeHavilland Beaver

Passengers : 4
Crew : 1
Altitude : 10,000 ft.
Range : 400 nm.

First flown in 1947, only 1657 were built in Toronto, Canada. It is still prized by "bush" pilots for its reliability and great versatility of being able to operate on wheel, ski, or float landing gear.