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Port Hardy and area
cargo office: 

Toll free: 1.800.343.5963

Port Hardy and Bella Bella Cargo Services

Rates from Port Hardy to 

Minimums          $45.71 (plus GST)     Envelopes     $34.29 (plus GST)

Zone 1     Rate $0.99 per lb (plus GST)
Aacteon Sound, Allison Sound Belize, Creasy Bay, Chief Nolas, Frederick Bay, Long Lake, McKinnon Lagoon,
Mereworth Sound, Nugent Sound, Seymour/Slingsby, Strachen Bay, Trevor Lake, Warner Bay, Woods Lagoon,
Wyclees/Long Lake .

Zone 2    Rate  $0.99 per lb (plus GST)
Anchor Cove, Big Spring, Blackgold, Boswell, Bucks Camp, Burnt Island Harbour, Coopers Cove, Dawsons Landing, Draney Inlet, Duncanby, Eberts/Moses, Fishegg, Fishegg Inlet, Fishhook Bay, Pierce Bay, Finn Bay, Frederick Sound, Goodhope/Salmon King, Hoy Point, Goosebay, Hardy Inlet, Johnsons Bay, Kilbella Bay, McNair Creek, Naysash, Nekite, Rivers Inlet, Wuikinuxv.

Zone 3      $1.25 per lb (plus GST)
Doc Creek, Gennesse, Hakai Pass, Jenny Inlet, Kwatna, Marabelle, Machmell, Namu, Ocean Falls, Oles, Quatalena, Sheemahant, Wallace Bay.

Zone 4      $1.25 per lb (plus GST)
Klemtu, Tombay, James Bay

Port Hardy to Bella Bella Rate $0.99 per lb (plus GST)
Minimums     $34.29 (plus GST)     Envelopes     $22.86 (plus GST)